Reclaimed Wood

We are very proud to announce that Reed Floors is the only retail store on the west coast where you will find directly from the mill THE WORLD’S MOST ECO-FRIENDLY ENGINEERED FLOORING.

Can an engineered floor be eco-friendly?

That’s what we asked. We’re offering this breakthrough in the pairing of antique wood and engineered flooring. Available in many of our reclaimed species, including Settlers’ Plank Oak. We believe this is the most eco-friendly engineered flooring on the market.

These reclaimed solid and engineered wood flooring products are fully manufactured — from sourcing to milling to you — in the USA from NY and OR facilities.
You won’t find anything like this reclaimed wood at big box flooring stores. It’s manufactured in a way that’s healthy for you, our employees, and the communities we work in. This manufacturer runs his business in as socially and environmentally responsible way possible. And, he is committed to making you the very best flooring on the market.