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When it comes to your outdoor living area, having a timelessly designed outdoor kitchen is the best way to showcase your creativity and style. We carry products leading in designing and manufacturing stainless steel cabinetry for outdoor kitchens.

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More than just a kitchen...
A complete outdoor living space

One of a kind designs

Featuring dozens of cabinet styles in hundreds of sizes, our clients have the freedom needed to create a personalized outdoor living space.

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After learning about your goals, our team will design your kitchen in 3D and apply for any permits if needed.


All your materials will be received in advance and a fully licensed and certified contractor will install your outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor kitchen cabinets bring the functionality, comfort, convenience, and style of the indoors to the outside.

Our outdoor kitchen cabinets are built to withstand harsh winters and extremely warm summers.


Complete your outdoor kitchen with world-class amenities. Outfitted with the same upscale kitchen amenities as an indoor kitchen. From grills, outdoor refrigeration, bartending stations...


Whether you are planning for a backyard, rooftop, transition (California or Florida) room, terrace, balcony, full outdoor living room, or other space, we can provide exactly what you need to make it yours.

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