Here is what you'll want to know what you can expect before, during and after installing your new laminate flooring.

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Laminate Installation


Our laminate installation

Laminate flooring is a popular and stylish alternative to hardwood floors. Our team will help you select the perfect color, patterned weave style or finish that complements your home's architecture while also providing durable protection against scratches! Contact us today for more information about installing new laminated wood panels.

Preparing for laminate installation

Laminate flooring is a versatile material that can be installed in many different ways. The installation process for this type of surface does not require any glue or nails, just locks edges into place when you put it down so your floors stay securely fastened without being glued together.

During & after laminate installation

  • Laminate flooring can be installed in a much more streamlined manner than other types of floors. With laminated wood, you don't need to remove the old layers before installation because they are attached with solid adhesive and glue along all edges for maximum durability.

  • Laminate floors are a great option for homes with low maintenance needs, but they can be tricky to install. Underlayment is the best way of installing them and will help protect your floor from moisture damage as well as sound reduction qualities that may increase quieter environments in some cases.
  • Good ventilation is important after installation to ensure that any dust from the job settles. It's recommended you establish good airflow for 48-72 hours before moving on with your life, and then just open up some windows when necessary.
  • If you have questions about laminate floor maintenance, our team is here to help.