Keep these tips in mind to maintain the appearance of your laminate floors!

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Laminate Care and Maintenance

Laminate DOs

  • Keep your floor clean by using a soft brush to dust mop, sweep and vacuum; make sure you blot up spills as soon they happen with water-dampened cloth. For harder surfaces like ink stains or paint brush marks on hardwood floors try acetone/nail polish remover which can be applied directly from the bottle for fast results - just make certain not to leave any residue behind.
  • Be sure to remove your shoes with cleats, spikes or damaged heels so you don't scratch the surface of whatever it is that lies beneath.
  • To keep your beautiful laminate floor looking its best, use a cleaning product made specifically for this type of surface.
  • The best way to protect your furniture is by using felt or similar floor protecting devices on all legs and bottoms.
  • To prevent your pet from scratching furniture and carpets, you should always trim their nails.
  • The best way to prevent your furniture from shrinking is by utilizing a recommended humidifier during winter months. If you live in an area that has dry conditions, it's important not only for the health of those items but also their quality too.

Laminate DON'Ts

  • It's important not to use an abrasive cloth, cleaner or steel wool on your floor. This will scratch the surface and dull its quality! Just investments with water-moistened towels can do wonders for you in caring for this type of material.
  • To avoid swelling, delaminating or warping of your laminate flooring; don't wash it with a wet mop and soap! This may result in ruined wood that's bad for the integrity.
  • The best way to keep your floors clean and sparkly is by using methods that do not involve the use of cleaning machines.