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Custom Wood

For some special project they can also custom and personalize the hardwood floor. Rick and his team the in-house “Wood-Maestro” will cut, install, scrape, distress, stain, sand and protect your exclusive dream wood floor or custom staircase.

“Better Than New” Refinishing & Restoration
Bring back the original beauty of your scratched or damaged wood flooring. Our customers often comment that their re-finished wood floors wear and look “better-than-new” — because we use higher quality, more durable finishes than commonly used by new home builders, and we always use three coats of finish. Want to change the color of your wood floor? As part of the refinishing process, we can stain it to match your color preference.

Seamless Additions to Existing Hardwood Floors
Do You Want to extend the beautiful wood floor that you have? Our specially trained craftsmen can skillfully install an addition to your existing wood floor. We will match the existing wood and finish it to create a seamless addition.

Wood Floor Repair
Do you have water damage, dents, warping, or other damage to your wood floor? Rick our skilled craftsman has years of experience seamlessly repairing all types of wood floor damage.

Come to visit our store and experience the options available…