Vinyl flooring are great for any room in your house because they add value, comfort and style all at once!

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Vinyl Flooring


Why Vinyl Flooring?

  • Vinyl is the perfect material for any home decorator because it comes in an endless variety of colors, textures and patterns.
  • Vinyl siding is a great alternative to traditional materials like wood or aluminum. It's durable, water-resistant and doesn't fade in the sun! Plus it comes at an affordable price point that will fit your budget perfectly
  • Vinyl is an excellent imposter. It can look like wood, tile or even marble!
  • Vinyl has four basic layers, which are the wear layer, printed or decorative material(s) placed on top of that to make up one side's surface- usually called "printing" for simplicity sake since it can include images and other decorations in addition exactly what is literally seen when looking at an individual piece; then there’s an inner core made out either foam balls pressed together tightly by hand before being covered over again More often than not you'll find some type of synthetic fiber used as well because these materials offer better sound dampening qualities without sounding too heavy under foot


When you're thinking about picking up the phone or clicking that mouse, there are a few more things to consider.



If you want your floor to last, consider opting for a thicker wear layer. The topmost surface of any material is what really counts and will determine how well it stands up against traffic or other elements that could potentially ruin its integrity; thick floors are often more resilient in these situations because they have been tested by time



It is important to remember that premium products tend to have higher warranties. A good warranty can be a great stress reliever, so make sure you're getting what your moneypower deserves! Picking the right vinyl flooring for YOUR space could ensure years without maintenance or worries about accidents happening due it being low-maintenance and very durable - but also look at how long these items last before needing replacement? Ask us about our wide variety of options today!



Vinyl sheets are available in 6' and 12'. Depending on your layout, seamming may be necessary. We can show you where the seams likely will exist when installing new floors for that particular room type-- tile patterns with grout lines mask these beautifully as an example.


Heavy water use like in the bathroom and laundry room can lead to a buildup of moisture that seeps under flooring. To prevent this problem, you may need periodically replace heavy caulking around areas where walls meet toilet or tub-side as it fails from excess weight upon them over time



It's important to know the total cost of your flooring project, including beyond just what you pay for - say-a new vinyl! Here are some items that may be included in this price tag:


  • Furniture removal/replacement

- furniture retailers and installers may charge for removing old pieces from the room that they'll then bring back in when new tenants arrive

  • Demolition/disposal of the old floor covering

- Old floors that need to be removed and disposed of properly are a big problem. Sometimes, you can just "float" your old floor over an existing one if it's in good condition- but this won't work for all homes!

  • Subfloor preparation

- When installing vinyl flooring, your subfloor may need to be prepared. This includes removing any old or damaged materials and prepping the surface for installation of new ones!

  • Product delivery

- Delivering your flooring is a critical part of the installation process, and it's usually not included in "cost per square foot" prices.

  • Installation

- Installing your new vinyl flooring will most likely come with a cost per square foot.

  • Materials required to complete the installation

- If you want to install your vinyl flooring properly, then it's important that some additional materials like adhesives and moisture barriers are used. You'll also need stair nosings or baseboards for the installation process!

  • Financing

- We are always here to help our valued customers with their financing needs. We offer low rates and special promotions, so be sure not to miss out on these deals!

In addition to maintaining the beauty and life of your new vinyl flooring, annual cleanings are also recommended. Consult with the manufacturer's warranty guide for directions on how you should care for it in order not only maintain its appearance but avoid any major problems before they arise!