January 05, 2023

What can A.D.U. be used for?

There are many potential uses for an ADU, or additional dwelling unit. Some common uses include:

      1. Rental property: An ADU can be a source of income if you rent it out to a tenant.

      2. Aging family member: An ADU can provide a private, independent living space for an aging family member who wants to maintain their autonomy but still be close by.

      3. Home office: If you work from home, an ADU can provide a dedicated space for your office that is separate from the rest of your home.

      4. Studio: An ADU can be a great place for a hobbyist or artist to set up a studio for painting, music, or other creative pursuits.

      5. Guest room: An ADU can be a convenient place for guests to stay when they visit.

      6. Vacation rental: If you live in a popular tourist destination, you could potentially use an ADU as a vacation rental property.

Keep in mind that local zoning laws and regulations may limit the uses of an ADU in your area. It's always a good idea to check with your local planning department before making any decisions about an ADU.