Amaryllis Project by Reed Interiors
May 26, 2022

Amaryllis Project by Reed Interiors

In a recent Montecito home, Reed-Interiors team assisted in designing, creating and installing their dream KITCHEN and new FLOORING.  Then, as they left on a vacation to Europe, we made the magic happen! We installed all the finishes and fixtures mixing white lacquer and dark oak with a modern, open design.

They returned to a new space that encompasses long countertops, a large island, plenty of storage and the luxury of invisible appliances.  This large kitchen was designed around functionality without the compromise of a stunning aesthetic. 

There's nothing we love more than seeing our clients happy! Please see the pictures below. 


Kitchen Design by Michel Clair Reed Interiors Head Kitchen Designer for more info on our KITCHEN Department click here

  • Kitchen Model: YPSILON
  • Materials: White lacquer and dark oak.
  • Countertop: Quarz 2cm

Available at Reed Interiors Exclusive Distributor of ARMONY KITCHEN if you want to see the BEFORE & AFTER picture click here.



    WOOD FLOOR: A return to vintage European Design, the Collection is crafted out of genuine French White Oak, a premier hardwood. For centuries this wood has been used for everything from flooring to shipbuilding because of its stability.  This floor's generous widths and lengths, and is topped with our exclusive finish for a classic aesthetic

    • Width: 7.5″
    • Thickness: 5/8” thick with 1/6” (4mm) sawn cut face
    • Length: 6’2″ (74”)
    • Edge: Handcrafted Bevel
    • Surface Texture: Lightly sculpted & wire brushed 100% by hand, historically worn/natural patina.
    • Stairs Style: Custom Square Nose 

    For More Info Please see the contact info below  

    Thanks to our Team of Designers and Installers for making this project become a reality :)