How to Pick a Perfect Kitchen Stool?
December 02, 2020

How to Pick a Perfect Kitchen Stool?

At first glance the kitchen island stool looks to be a simple piece of furniture. Get the wrong one, however and you will quickly realize simplicity can be deceiving!

Today’s open concept floorplans turn the kitchen into a hang out, homework, and entertainment area where kitchen stools are a must-have. With so much time spent in the kitchen, a functional and fabulous stool is a necessity.

Following are steps to help you find the perfect kitchen stool:

How High

First, you must assess the height of the stools which is dependant upon the table top the stool supports. Counter height stools are 24-26 inches high. Traditional bar stools are 42 inches high and extra tall stools (for counters with a raised level from the island) are 48 inches high.

Once you identify the height you need, there are several other considerations to ensure the stools provide maximum function and comfort.

Style and Swivel

Are the stools for daily seating space (eating and homework) or for occasional seating when visiting with the cook? This may affect whether you want a back on the stool and a style with arms; backs and arms will take up more space and add weight – a consideration for children using the stools.  Should the seat swivel? Extra space is required for swiveling, too.

Material Matters

Once the decisions are made on the functional style of the stools, you’re ready for the fun part – choosing among the many designs available these days. Do you want the stools to stand out as a statement or blend in? [include photos of “statement” stools and stools that fit/blend in under island, same wood color…]

From wood to metal and fabric to leather, there are many choices that can create the right finishing touch to your kitchen island. Follow these steps and your stools will be simply fabulous.